Revitalize your space with BOLD fabric collection by VANO, where minimalist elegance meets timeless design. Explore a palette of neutral shades—white, beige, and gray—that brings simplicity and sobriety to your interior.
  • Soft bouclettes, imaginative yarns, and cutting-edge innovation converge in ALLANA, an ultra-soft terry cloth with a woolly effect.
  • Complement the contemporary atmosphere with BAUHAUS, a jacquard weave featuring curved geometric shapes and lines.
  • The High Performance semi-plain CRAFT design, elevate your space with sophistication and durability.
  • Enjoy a warm and comfortable ambiance with High Performance specifications, ensuring resistance to abrasion, pilling, and light damage.
    VANO's BOLD collection is not just decor; it's a statement, fusing creativity, innovation, and timeless style to redefine your living space.
    • Brand: VANO
    • Category: Fabrics
    • Style: Pattern