A legendary lake gives its name to this jacquard designed for seating. In this large African lake, the surrounding vegetation is both glossy and matte, shady and luminous.


Along the River Congo, the Salonga Reserve is a natural reserve composed of a mosaic of rivers. The peaceful lakes are surrounded by lush vegetation. The water is represented by velvets, jacquards and voiles. They are defined by the matte and shiny interplay, their iridescent highlights and exquisite contrasts. The linen cloths welcome stylised plant embroideries, in kaleidoscopes of natural shades. The cotton satin is filled with a spectacular floral design. Embroidered in deep tones, lifted by a luminous white yarn the plants move elegantly to the rhythm of the kumba. A true ballet of plants, this choreography of foliage carries us far away, on the hot African wind.
  • Brand: Casamance
  • Category: Fabrics
  • Style: Floral