Experience the ART SEASONS fabric collection by VENESTO – a fusion of artfully designed ornaments and graphics, showcasing significant stylization and clear design elements. With ink splashes and brush strokes, this collection unveils a new perspective, emphasizing the inseparable connection between life and art in today's digital world. Featuring six unique designs that combine natural motifs and abstract elements through embroidery, jacquard weave, and digital prints, ART SEASONS invites creative experiments with fabric. Let the textile serve as the pure foundation for each image, encouraging an open-minded approach to the world. Immerse yourself in the dynamic interplay of creativity with ART SEASONS, where fantasy knows no limits.

Available in our showroom at Adrianoupoleos 31, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki - 55133.
  • Brand: VENESTO
  • Category: Fabrics
  • Style: Floral