Introducing ARTISAN fabric collection by VANO, a pinnacle of luxury in interior decor. This collection, meticulously crafted, seamlessly merges artistry with sophistication. Imperfect lines and handmade charm define each fabric, imparting warmth and depth to your space. VANO selects premium, natural materials, ensuring each piece radiates refinement.
  • ATELIER design features black and white graphic embroidery, creating an artisanal symphony of opulence.
  • Explore natural tones with LINDA, a linen-like fabric, for an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.
  • DALE introduces handcrafted effects with curved lines, adding a subtle dance of refinement to your decor. The handmade aesthetic becomes a testament to discerning taste and sophistication.
  • Experience the transformative power of the ARTISAN collection, a celebration of individual expression and luxury, inviting you to envelop your living space in timeless elegance.
    • Brand: VANO
    • Category: Fabrics
    • Style: Pattern