An extensive collection of fabrics, trimmings and wallpaper, ‘Duquette’s Dawnridge’ takes its inspiration from the splendor of the historic residence, presenting patterns and materials that Duquette most loved and used in his work, from malachite and gemstones to animal skins and Chinese lacquer screens. Vibrant color and bold designs are combined with exotic and theatrical accents, reflecting both the storied work and favorite motifs of Duquette. Tony Duquette was always completely of his time, and his essence is reflected in ‘Duquette’s Dawnridge’, which blends modern materials with his favorite patterns and palettes to enchant contemporary residences. Once again, Duquette’s spirit casts its spell, creating decorative magic for today’s interiors.
  • Brand: Jim Thompson
  • Category: Fabrics
  • Style: Floral


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