Discover the captivating allure of ELIXIR, EUSTERGERLING's fabric collection that seamlessly blends enchanting charm and contemporary luxury inspired by the East, adorned with light European shades. Traditional lines, ornaments, and textures are reimagined, offering a modern interpretation of eastern aesthetics. The ELIXIR palette encompasses foundational gold and white hues, symbolizing affluence, luxury, and prosperity, alongside accentuating shades like Turquoise, Masala, and airy blue. From the majestic depths of blue to the celestial allure of gold, ELIXIR presents a harmonious fusion of Eastern and European influences, bringing sophistication and cultural richness to your space.

Available in our showroom at Adrianoupoleos 31, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki - 55133.
  • Category: Fabrics
  • Style: Pattern