Lelio is a vibrant and daring satin jacquard, with the contours of the spotted pattern and the colors intertwine with lancé-découpé. Infinitely chic in black and gold, whilst more classic in ochre and pink, and resolutely modern in its duck blue version. Gem of the eponymous collection Extravaganza, with its camouflage drawn by a skilful play of cut-outs combining brutalism and couture look. The color range of this supple and light fabric goes from chic golden brown and precious shades through to bold and exuberant colors. The large brushed patterns of Fresco, gives this jacquard a luxurious multicolored and iridescent patina. Interlocking textile weaves, Fresco is a dazzling and opulent range. Staccato’s fancy ribbon follow the rhythm on a satin background in rich colors. Like a jewel, this detail brings shine and sparkle to this drapery quality. The Valentina’s silky drape reveals shimmering peonies, large flowers unfolding their petals in delicate colors, which stand out on a soft patina satin background. This curtain fabric presents a range that is both dazzling and flamboyant, reminiscent of Japanese silks.
  • Brand: Nobilis
  • Style: Floral