Experience the harmonious blend of global inspirations with MELODY fabric collection by EUSTERGERLING. Infused with the essence of textured jacquard, this collection unites 5 distinctive designs and musical directions into a unique and unforgettable melody. From the timeless Damascus pattern to the classic houndstooth, each design, including small herringbone, frayed jacquard, and parquet ornament, exudes its own charm and character. MELODY's enchanting symphony unfolds in the intricacies of the tangled world of threads and flowers, creating a collection that goes beyond fabrics – it's a seamless fusion of art and elegance. Elevate your creative endeavors with MELODY, where every thread tells a story, and each design resonates with the beautiful notes of a global tapestry.

Available in our showroom at Adrianoupoleos 31, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki - 55133.
  • Category: Fabrics
  • Style: Pattern