Explore MINDTHEGAP's premier collection, VINTAGE LINENS, a celebration of premium original fabrics designed to inspire and transform lifestyles. Crafted from the finest natural linen, renowned for its longevity, this collection draws inspiration from vintage textiles found in flea markets and antique stores. The Tropical Mood story boasts quirky patterns featuring monkeys, parrots, and tropical greenery in vibrant hues. On the other hand, Nomad Fabrics showcase vintage nomadic textiles with rich colours and bold motifs. Both design themes, characterized by heavy-weight linens, rustic textures, and large threads, exude durability and authenticity. The stonewashed finishing adds an authentic vintage effect and enhances the softness of each piece.

Available in our showroom at Adrianoupoleos 31, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki - 55133.
  • Category: Fabrics
  • Style: Floral